Our paper cup size's distinctive form and design quality are likely to appeal to clients while sacrificing durability and food safety. These exquisite goods are made using only high-quality materials and the most advanced equipment and processes, making them fit for even the most opulent establishments.


Sandwich Bag

This high-quality, customized Sandwich Bag may assist your firm in establishing its identity and keeping consumers pleased. All of our high-quality cups are made of sturdy, thick food-grade paperboard that is unrivaled in terms of quality and longevity. 

Sandwich Wrapper

Allowing our clients to have a premium appearing product and high quality without losing customizability and usefulness. We strive to provide you with the largest selection of sizes to meet your demands and, as a result, your customers' pleasure.


Personalizing your packaging and branding is a great approach to showing off your company's individuality. The perforation of the product exterior are all current and innovative techniques to label your disposables that will fascinate and draw more and more customers. 

Paper Boxes

Our customers are our top concern; we assist them in integrating all of their packaging requirements, and we also provide a wide selection of disposables with the same quality and customizability. We have noodle cups, fries cups, burger boxes, meal trays, cup holders, and even paper or plastic bags. 

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Custom Size

Custom Size

Custom Size